Because why use a chairlift any more when a drone can fly you to the top of the slopes?

Filmmaker Casey Neistat has set the Internet ablaze with a remarkable video showing a drone so powerful it can lift a snowboarder into the air and pull him through slopes and city streets.

Yes, it’s real. When he first unloaded it in December, many thought it was a hoax similar to the flying “Back to the Future” hoverboard video from “Funny or Die” several years ago.

But it’s real. Check it out:

Some still couldn’t quite believe it and thought it was a hoax. So Neistat dropped another behind-the-scenes video showing how his team built and launched the drone.

There is no commercially-available drone capable of flying a person, according to Digital Trends. Neistat and his team both designed and built the drone from scratch.

With eight rotors, the “octocopter” has the power not only to pull Neistat on a snowboard up a hill but also to lift him hundreds of feet into the air. You can check out the details behind the camera they used here.

Again, this is real. It’s not Marty McFly’s hoverboard. The most exciting scenes include Neistat snowboarding up a slope while other skiers and snowboarders are racing down the mountain around him.

SA Drone Skier 2

Also, make sure you check out the flight segments where Neistat soars through the air attached to nothing but the drone.