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Sean Dwyer FMRRA Qualifier Victory!

Sean Dwyer Finishes first in Saturday's 2018 FMRRA Qualifier With a World Class Wheelie!

Sean Dwyer FMRRA Qualifier Victory!

The Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association (FMRRA) is a regionally acclaimed Club Racing Event that attracts nearly all forms speed addicts throughout the region. Since it’s inception in 2016, FMRRA hosts a variety of races, events, and divisions all in one action-packed weekend. While this event typically caters to motorcyclists, you’ll find no shortage of Drag Cars and Go-Karts around the track on race day.

Sean Dwyer Finishes first in Saturday’s 2018 FMRRA Qualifier With a World Class Wheelie!

Hosted at Palm Beach International Race Way (PBIR), the competition is as fierce as they are fast. Approaching speeds of 200mph on the straight-away, and sharp corners on every turn, there is zero margin for error on this track. With roughly 150 riders competing, every split second counts. This is where the amateurs are separated from the professionals.

Sean Dwyer Sports his brand new Suzuki 1000R at the FMRRA Qualifier.
Sen Dwyer sports his brand new Suzuki 1000R at The 2018 FMRRA qualifier at PBIR.

First Place Qualifier and Expert 1000 Super Bike Division Victor, Sean Dwyer is quoted as saying, “It’s like being the most awesome ax murder in a room full of ax murders”. The 20+ year veteran is no stranger to the competitive nature of these races. With countless gold metals under his belt, a charming personality, and countless hours of effort he spends on his craft, his ability to win races and the crowd is no mystery at all. Other racers around the track such as Sam Rose (Super Stock 600 Division Qualifier) tells us that Sean Dwyer is “about as top tier as you’ll find on this track today”. Make no mistake- with tens of thousands of dollars at stake and bragging rights on the line, there’s little time for talk. Sean went on to tell us that “they’re (the competition) all crazy, they’re super fast, super talented, and not quite wired right in the head”.

Sean Dwyer waves hello to his new GoPro Hero 6 before his qualifying lap at 2018 FMRRA at PBIR.

We caught up with Sean Dwyer before and after his Qualifying lap. As stated earlier, Sean Dwyer placed first in both of his Qualifying laps and went on to place first in the main event of the Expert 1000 Super Bike Division the following day. Sean describes the conditions as “mixed”; with off and on rain showers throughout the day, he tells that temperature and humidity play a critical role in the fine tune details of dialing in your bike. Not only did the rain not stop the audience from attending, but it didn’t stop Sean from bringing his A game to the track either. Sean and his crew opted not to run the brand new 2018 Suzuki 1000R at all until the qualifying laps. It is believed that Sean’s decades of experience led him to opt to spend the morning tuning the bike for these mixed conditions, rather than face trial and error on the track.

Sean Dwyer fearlessly banks right before his wheelie finish at PBIR’s 2018 FMRRA Qualifier!

In the end, we extend congratulations to Sean Dwyer and his team. We look forward to seeing him continue in the circuit; he plans on making competitive appearances in his division at the Miami Homestead Speedway in June. Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia are also on the Veteran’s radar for the summer racing season.

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