Did she fire five shots or six? Do you feel lucky punk drone?

Drones – especially if you don’t own one – are starting to become a greater and greater nuisance to homeowners.

Since Christmas, many a neighbor has found themselves pulling a child’s drone off their roof or out of their trees. The era of baseballs in your yard or through your window has been replaced by drones.

This woman in Bellevue, Washington, is having none of it. When a drone flew above what looks to be an awesome house with a tremendous view, she first threw something at it like it was a bothersome crow.

When that didn’t work, she brought out the heavy artillery.


The description accompanying the video of the event (below) said, “We were flying our drone around, noticed our neighbor out on the deck, and she started throwing things at the drone.”

Now here’s what you need to know if you decide to do this at home: According to the Federal Aviation Administration, it’s a federal crime to shoot down a drone

The video has gone viral, being viewed 873,000 times since it was posted.