It’s Easter Egg Hunting Season again, and we hope you’re ready.

Months of training, drilling and practice runs all come down to this one day.

You’ve mastered your game plan, fancy footwork and egg handling skills. You’ve got your brackets filed, and international bookies have laid odds on the professional matches around the world.


So what’s there to worry about?

A lot, as it turns out. There are all kinds of underhanded tactics out there on the egg fields. Cheaters, dirty tricksters, ringers and professional con men who are out to gank your style, cripple your moves, and steal your eggs.

No less a pro than Tom Brady has lost his cool with Easter Bunnies in hunts past. Compared to an average Super Bowl, an egg hunt is off-the-charts stress:


So even though we know you’re the best, we think it’s best that you mind these underhanded maneuvers so your concentration and cool are not blown on hunt day.

  1. Cherry Picking


Known mainly as a lowdown maneuver in basketball, cherry picking has gained notoriety in recent years on egg hunts across the country. In basketball, it’s a strategy of a player who does little defensively and instead waits around the opponent’s basket for scoring opportunities. In egg hunting, it generally involves shadowing the best egg spotters on a team and quickly moving at the first sign of egg fumbling.

2. Spitters


Just like in baseball, this involves the application of saliva, petroleum jelly, or some other foreign substance on the hands so eggs quickly stick during run and scoops. Before a hunt, look at the hands of your opponents carefully. Try shaking as many hands as possible. If you detect a foreign substance on a competitors hands, run and tell your mommy as quickly as possible.

3. Crackback Blocking


In football, this is an offensive strategy in which a player spread out wide near the sideline will run back towards the ball at the snap in order to seal off a defender from the wide side. That opens up the field for a runner. Likewise, egg hunters secretly working in tandem — sometimes with dogs — in recent years have used this tactic on leaders with full baskets. Just like in football, a crackback block in egg hunting is illegal if contact is made below the waist.

4. Cross Check


You already know cross-checking from ice hockey. It’s the move by which a player checks an opponent by using the shaft of his or her stick with both hands. In egg hunting, a player can use a basket, a stick or even their leg to check an opponent just as they’re moving in for the egg snatch. Again, if you’re the victim of a cross check or you see it being done — maybe to a girl you really, really like — tell your mommy.

5. The Maradona Hand of God Maneuver


Taken from the famous moment in the 1986 World Cup quarter final in which Argentina soccer legend Diego Maradona illegally tipped a goal in with his hand, this maneuver involves one player tipping an egg out of the hands of another at the moment it’s snatched. If not witnessed by any parents, this move is considered legal. After all, Maradona got away with it.

6. Below the Belt


The name says it all. Just like in boxing, the below the belt maneuver is often depicted as an accident, a subtle kick or knee to the groin just as two players come across an egg. Assessing a penalty for this maneuver often depends on where it lands, just like in boxing or hockey.