There’s no safer way to snowboard than with the NYPD pulling you through the Big Apple’s streets.

Anybody who has lived in New York City is familiar with the practice of “skitching” — hitching a ride on passing cars while you’re on your skateboard.

But others may be less familiar with the emerging snowboarding culture in the streets of the Big Apple.


Snowboarder and filmmaker extraordinaire Casey Neistat, who recently made an incredible video of him being lifted and flown around by his own custom-built drone, took to the streets of Manhattan after Winter Storm Jonas dumped a record-breaking 26.8 inches of snow on the city.

With his partner Jessee Wellens, Neistat spent the day shooting some amazing footage from their GoPro cameras.

What’s really great is how totally cool the cops are. New York’s finest have seen it all, and they’re totally down with what Neistat is doing.

“Someone complained about you, so we’re going to act like we’re talking to you,” one police officer tells the pair. “You guys are awesome,” Neistat replies.

In typical Neistat fashion, he also included a great “making of” video.