OK, they’re not “The Deer Hunter,” but there’s some edge-of-your-seat drama in these videos.

Youth hunting seasons are beginning to wind up in some sections of the country with some stunning results. Recently, they gained national publicity after a school teacher ridiculed a young girl who came to class with her first kill emblazoned on her sweatshirt.

The emerging tradition now for many boys and girls on their first hunt is to record their trophies or even the first kill with some very good videos (backed by terrific camerawork from mom or dad).

Here’s a terrific night shoot from Texas. “You got her, you got her,” an older man who sounds suspiciously like a father yells out:

Some go all out with split screens and strong instrumentals. Check out this splendid mini-documentary with a young boy and girl from Michigan.

This report from Pennsylvania takes a more minimalist approach, with little dialogue at first and long, sultry silences that many hunters will recognize:

And make sure you don’t miss Cal Haataja’s last youth deer hunt from Wisconsin. Listen carefully, there’s some great hunting wisdom whispered in this short piece, especially on passing up on smaller deer to help the overall harvest.

Finally, we have Ethan’s hunt from western Pennsylvania, which features a nice split screen of a young hunter taking aim at a deer as well as this funny piece of dialogue:

Man: “She’s behind this yellow tree here.”

Youth: “They’re all yellow.”