Memorial Day weekend is celebrated to honor those who have fought for our freedom. Our freedom comes in many different shapes and sizes from growing a business to enjoying a beautiful day out fishing with your family. SA customer & veteran Naval seamen Michael who worked on board the USS Constellation told us just how he would be celebrating Memorial Day weekend. The USS Constellation, a Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the “new constellation of stars” on the flag of the United States and the only naval vessel ever authorized to display red, white, and blue designation numbers.

Michael sits back in his bass fishing boat and recalls his time in the Navy especially being on the first supercarrier to reach the Persian Gulf to support Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
shortly after September 11th. These memories are the ones that bring pride to the heart of all vets.

But this Memorial Day weekend Michael is going to enjoy a day out bass fishing with his son. Michael has been fishing for years and enjoys the thrill and relaxation of bass fishing in
South Florida.

Q. So what are your top bass fishing essentials?
A. Well… when your bass fishing it is all about your bait. It could make you or it could break you it’s as simple as that.

Q. What bait do you regularly use?
A. I’m a worm guy, always have been. I have enjoyed success with the shiny spinnerbaits, crank baits but the classic soft plastics do me well. I have always been one to pick
up bait while heading out but that all changed about 2 months ago when I purchased the SA tackle subscription pack.

Q. Does the SA tackle box have everything you need or are you looking for more?
A. Man… It has more than I need and is easy to travel with. Yes I would like some hooks, weights and line but I hear thats coming in future monthly packs so I’m good. The best part a about it
is the quality of soft plastics I’m getting. There is one piece in the box I know as the darkstar swimmer which has a bottom groove on the bottom that keeps a weedless hook well hidden, while
a top groove lets the bait slide down the hook bend easily to ensure a good set. This is my go to because I always set a good one within the first 5 minutes.

Q. Do you have any other favorites?
A. They got one of those slow-kicking tail worms you know what I’m talking about with like a flat rubber tail that extends and curls from the bottom. Now that one is a keeper! This will make
Memorial Day weekend a winner for sure!

Q. Sounds like you’ll have a fun Memorial Day Weekend.
A. Yulp! I’ll be doing plenty of fishing but at the same time while my son and I are out enjoying the great outdoors I can’t help but remember all the men and women I worked side by side with and
all those who came before me to fight for our freedom. Memorial Day isn’t about BBQ and parties its all about the brave military men and women who never give up and always fight for this beautiful