The S.A. Team believes in providing quality gear at reasonable prices and our signature face shields do just that. Anyone who is an outdoorsmen understands the importance of protecting their body from the elements. The face shield successfully blocks those elements from harming their face.

It’s light weight breathable material allows you to enjoy the outdoors without getting bogged down. Whether it is fishing, camping, hunting, snow boarding or a nice hike the S.A. face shield has you covered. The material is extremely durable but at the same time lets the user breathe regularly through the fabric. This material can stretched, pulled, soaked or run over and it will always come back to its normal shape and dry quickly.

“As a seasoned fishermen this is the perfect face shield to protect my face from the scorching sun while out on a charter” – James L. Singer

S.A. has received thousands of rave reviews complimenting our signature face shield and our daily face shield sales. S.A. is built on valuing our customer and each morning we come together to offer the highest discounts possible. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy high quality outdoor gear.

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