MacGyver your face.

Think of the SA Face Shield as the multi-tool of apparel. Whether you’re in the subtropics or the subarctic, our patented technology doesn’t just protect your face. It’s a unique tool with uses across a wide range of sports, recreation, fashion and everyday life and work.

First and foremost, the SA Face Shield offers protection. Our shield has exclusive SPF 40 sun screening. In the cold, our thermal fleece models shield you against harsh wind burn and frostbite. It’s breathable, lightweight yet durable fabric with customized “moisture wicking” – it pulls sweat and perspiration off your skin, keeping your face clean and dry.

But here’s where we go all MacGyver on you. This tubular bandanna can be used as a neckerchief, balaclava, hood, scrunchie, do-rag, beanie, neck gaiter, wrist band, sahariane and many other things that you’re going to discover on your own and tell us about.

There are over 150 styles that our customers use in hunting, fishing, hiking, jogging, off-road biking, skydiving and other pursuits.

Reviewers have praised the cinematic, three-dimensional quality of our designs, which have been embraced by hunters for their ability to breakup and blend in against forests, mountainsides, and clearings.

Anglers prize them for keeping their beards down and their faces cool and smooth under harsh winds or glaring sun on the open sea. Yet others prize them simply as a way to stand out – making a strong statement while jogging, cycling or skiing.