The traditional elements of fishing are tried and true and what many anglers consider to be the heart of the sport. It goes without saying that the simplicity and peacefulness of fishing is what makes the sport so great. As such, anglers who have been fishing for years may be a bit hesitant to let technology into their beloved hobby. Nevertheless, it’s hard to do anything these days without some sort of technology in the mix. With that said, the fishing experience can truly be enhanced with technology and smart phone apps when used the right way.

While we caution anglers from becoming too reliant on their fishing apps, using some of these innovative, unique apps can truly enrich each of your fishing trips. When you head out on the sea for your next angling adventure, be sure to check out the following:

  • – this app allows for the buying and selling of fishing hotspots using a GPS system, an incredible resource guide for fishermen
  • iFish USA – use this app for detailed information on local lakes and fishing reports
  • Fishing Knots Lite – this advanced programs teaches users how to tie a proper know in their fishing lines, a very important skill for any angler
  • My Fishing Advisor – freshwater fishermen should all download this app that gives sun and moon position info, weather updates, and GPS-advanced details like water conditions and what fish to target
  • Trimble GPS Fish Free – anglers enjoy this app for dock locations, boat drifts, fishing hotspots, weather info, and trolling paths
    The above iPhone and Android apps helps anglers to make the most out of each and every fishing trip. While technology may not be for all, proper use of these apps can be the difference between an average day out on the boat and a wildly successful fishing adventure.